.NYC Is Taking The Big Apple By Storm

Posted by Colten Van Tussenbrook

The popular .nyc TLD is the world’s fastest growing geographical domain, and Mayor Bill de Blasio couldn’t be happier about it. (more…)

Why Should I Become A Web Hosting Reseller?

Posted by Colten Van Tussenbrook

There are many opportunities that come with reselling web hosting. In this post, we explore some of these, and also discuss why the web hosting industry can work for you. (more…)

Happy Birthday .club!

Posted by Kelly Kirkham

The generic top level domain (gTLD) .club recently turned one year old. This is what we have learned in the year since the .club release... (more…)

Making The Shift To An Encrypted Internet

Posted by Colten Van Tussenbrook

Two thirds of all North American internet traffic will be encrypted by 2016, according to a new report by Sandvine, the Canadian-based software company. The reason behind it? Netflix. (more…)

ccTLDs Across The Globe: Current Trends

Posted by Kelly Kirkham

Country Code Top Level Domains, or ccTLDs, are expanding across the globe. CENTR takes a closer look at current trends surrounding ccTLDs. (more…)

Is .xyz The New .com? – Rising Above Controversy

Posted by Colten Van Tussenbrook

The new .xyz domain name has been a huge hit, but it hasn’t come without first facing accusations. Where does .xyz stand now? (more…)

Are You Ready For May’s New gTLDs?

Posted by Colten Van Tussenbrook

As we’ve said in previous posts, getting your domain right can make all the difference, and making it memorable is just as important. Don’t worry if you don’t have your clients’ ideal, our new…

Up Your Domain Game

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

Having more than one domain may seem pointless, but it is actually good business practise. Here’s why… (more…)

Getting Started With Domain Reseller – Part 1

Posted by Colten Van Tussenbrook

Over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to introduce you to starting your own domain reseller business. In this section learn about the basics of a domain name, how you can sell them and…

Want To Connect More With Your Audience? Cut The “Tech” Speak

Posted by Colten Van Tussenbrook

In order to create compelling content that makes potential clients want to buy from you, make sure you’re speaking to them in a language they understand. The best way to do this? Speak your native…
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