by Kyle Stubbs on April 9th, 2014

With hundreds of new domain extensions being released this year, take a look at what makes up the perfect web address.


by Sarah Holt on March 20th, 2014


The next wave of TLDs has gone on sale this week, giving resellers another opportunity to sell sell sell.

Since the start of the year, more than 30 new TLDs have gone on sale, as alternatives to .com, and .net. By now, some resellers have turned into selling machines.

This week, .center, .company, .computer, and .management went on sale, giving you the opportunity to approach the white-collar companies in your customer base.

However, just in case selling fatigue is kicking in, we thought we’d help you take a leaf out of the book of the UK’s best tradespeople.

The market stall holders of London could sell snow to the eskimos and outback to the Auzzies. And here’s a little guide to the lingo they use to do so…

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by Sarah Holt on March 12th, 2014

Lego - final

The new TLD .domains goes on sale at 4pm GMT today. So thought it would be fitting to do a little ode to domains.

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by Sarah Holt on March 5th, 2014


Since February 5, more than 20 new web address endings have been introduced to the internet. And a few .somethings in particular are selling like hot cakes.

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by Sarah Holt on February 28th, 2014


The next wave of new TLDs has been released onto the internet. There’s now a library’s worth of new web address endings for you to tell your customers about. The newest additions are .tips, .voyage, .diamonds, and .enterprises. Get them while they’re hot.


by Sarah Holt on February 20th, 2014

James Bond - TLDs

Show your customers you’re at the cutting-edge of what you do, by setting them up with the internet’s new TLDs.

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by Sarah Holt on February 3rd, 2014


Google and The Cleveland Clinic fail in bid to operate .med

Google’s foray into the world of medical domain names ground to halt recently, after it received word from an arbitration panel that its proposed .med extension would ‘create likelihood of detriment to medical community’.

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by Sarah Holt on January 27th, 2014


One minute you’re up, the next you’re down – it can be hard to keep up with Google’s search engine algorithms.

The SEO landscape has undergone a major amount of flux in the last year or so. From Penguin and Panda to Hummingbird, the company has had a zoo’s worth of updates. These cute-sounding tweaks have totally changed the way your website ranks on Google search. Here are the latest tips for hitting the top of the table…  

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by Sarah Holt on January 24th, 2014

Launch man

Why setting your customers up online gives them a launchpad for establishing the rest of their business.

Starting a business isn’t easy. Some of the world’s most powerful businessmen, including Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic, have admitted to failing once in a while. But no-one should have to stumble at the first hurdles.

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by Tim on October 29th, 2013

google panda

In the early ages of the World Wide Web, domain names were considered one of the most important factors as far as search engine optimization (SEO) and Google page rank were concerned. If you had a domain, say and a user searched for headphones on Google, the very first result might have been your domain, or at least one of the first few ones. However, with the introduction of Google Panda and further updates, this notion has taken serious bump.

Google Panda is the search result algorithm update which the search engine giant introduced back in 2011. Google’s logic behind Google Panda was pretty simple – to reduce the number of junk websites and increase quality websites on search rankings – giving way for higher user satisfaction. Since then there have been further Panda updates as well as their newest, named Hummingbird.
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